Had a blast at Carrie Furnace, Pittsburgh

It was a Kodachrome day. I took the city bus to the end of the line and walked down a long field to this exhausted iron behemoth. Wow, I was overwhelmed. This is one of those instances where I wish I had brought my tripod but had shed ballast ‘cause I wasn’t sure far I’d be hoofing it.  I caught the last tour and we walked into the underbelly of the beast!  It’s hard

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for me to start shooting right away as I am vibrating with excitement. I need time to digest the scene, focus, and concentrate on seeing. Oh me, oh my I found my groove when I started seeing faces in the peeling paint an’ rust. Her are a few to wet your whistle. Hope you see what I see. If not, you’ll find your own groove! Enjoy.


  1. Tim Benbow says:

    I see the faces too, Bernie. They almost look like they’ve been relocated from the Incas some of them. I guess a temple in a steel town would have had the faces made from steel and iron. The whole art of skilled photographys is all about what you see and some of that is not seen by everyone. Really enjoyed the set.

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    • Thanks for checking out my images Tim. Yes, I do feel like they are from other civilizations. I think I was inspired by the masks and helmets I have seen at the Smithsonian Museum of African Art her in DC. I see faces a lot when I’m out “on the street” photographing. Check in again. Your friend of the photon, Bernie.


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